7 Best Mexico Coffee Brands

Mexico Coffee History & Reputation 

Mexico has been in the coffee game since the late 1700s. Initially, Spaniards brought coffee to Mexico from Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Coffee production remained insignificant in these early days until Italian and German immigrants residing in Guatemala relocated to Mexico. With them, they brought the commercialization of coffee cultivation. By the 1790s, the first plantations began to arise in the state of Veracruz. Veracruz remains a large coffee producing region today, although the regions of Chiapas and Oaxaca have surpassed the output of any other region.

Today, Mexico coffee production is among the top 10 in the world. As of 2018, Mexico was the 9th largest producer of coffee in the world. Coffee is one of Mexico’s most lucrative exports, making it an extremely important part of their economy. Hundreds of thousands of small farms depend on coffee production as a means of income.

The majority of Mexican coffee is organic, which is quite desirable in today’s market. Several Mexico coffee origins enjoy respectable reputations. We’ll take a closer look at a few of these!

Here’s a quick summary of our 7 best Mexico coffee brands! 

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Dancing Moon

Mexico Chiapas Coffee Single Origin Chiapas Whole Bean
  • Cashews & cocoa
  • Crisp, citrus-toned acidity

Oakland Coffee

Mexican Guapa Chiapas Coffee Whole Bean
  • Complex with notes of nuts & chocolate
  • Light & bright

La Parroquia

Mexican Veracruz Coffee Ground Coffee
  • Rich nutty & chocolate notes
  • Bright, yet balanced acidity

Wild Foods

Mexico Wild Chiapas Coffee Whole Bean
  • Creamy & rich
  • Intense chocolate aroma

Los Portales

Mexican Oaxaca Coffee Ground Coffee
  • Chocolate, caramel & toasted grains
  • Mellow, yet complex

Fresh Roasted Coffee

Mexican Chiapas Coffee Whole Bean
  • Brown sugar-toned sweetness
  • Mild, delicate body


Mexico Organic Chiapas Coffee Whole Bean
  • Sweet light roast
  • Milk chocolate, almonds & apple

Too many options? Check out Oakland Coffee's Chiapas Coffee!

Mexico Coffee Taste Profile

Coffee from Mexico is often thought to be more on the mellow side. Because of this, Mexican coffee beans are often used in blends and for flavored coffee products.

But don’t get the wrong idea, Mexico has plenty of variety to offer. It would be a crying shame to use some of the more highly reputed Mexican beans for flavored coffee. We say this because higher quality Mexican coffee has a very desirable signature taste profile.

The best Mexican coffees are often compared to Guatemalan beans… which is quite the compliment. This is likely due to the close proximity of the major Mexican growing regions to the Guatemalan border.

Although there is variance among different growing regions, you can expect a good Mexican coffee to be something like this;

  • An overall mellow, well balanced taste; no one aspect overwhelms
  • Notes of various roasted nuts, chocolate & sometimes fruit
  • A caramel or brown sugar-toned sweetness
  • check
    Often a light, delicate body
  • Often a crisp acidity

Mexico coffee brands seem to have a preference for more darkly roasted products. Perhaps this is just what the people want? Mexican beans seem to be able to retain their origin flavor quite well even when darkly roasted.

We’ve included a good ​variety of roast levels in our list, as each has something different to offer!

Mexico Coffee Growing Regions

It’s no coincidence that the top coffee growing regions in Mexico are in the southern end of the country. This area has the best climate for coffee cultivation, as well as ideal soils and suitable elevations. Let’s take a closer look at a few of Mexico’s coffee growing regions.

Another major contributing factor is elevation. Vast mountainous ranges spread throughout Central America allow for the growth of coffee to occur at high altitudes. High grown coffee benefits from a longer maturation process, leading to a more developed taste profile.

Chiapas Coffee

Perhaps the most well known coffee growing region of Mexico. Chiapas sits on the southernmost end of Mexico, bordering Guatemala.

Chiapas coffee is known for its light bodied, rich taste, and crisp acidity. You’ll usually find prominent nutty notes in these beans.  

There are numerous Chiapas coffee options out there, we’ve included several in our list!

Oaxaca Coffee

Also in the southern end of Mexico, Oaxaca is situated to the west of Chiapas. Mountainous slopes that are covered by vast forests offer wonderful conditions for the growth of coffee. A long coastal stretch at the southern end of Oaxaca also provides a nice warm breeze.

We’ve included an Oaxaca coffee in our list!

Veracruz Coffee

Following the trend, Veracruz sits in the southern portion of Mexico. Veracruz sits just north of Chiapas and Oaxaca, sharing borders with both regions. The northern coastline of Veracruz faces the gulf of Mexico, as opposed to the Pacific ocean.

As we mentioned early, coffee plantations initially began to arise in the state of Veracruz back in the 1790s. Although Chiapas and Oaxaca now produce a larger volume, plenty of coffee is still produced in Veracruz.

We’ve included a Veracruz coffee in our list!

Mexico Coffee

The Best Mexico Coffee Brands

And we’re here, the 7 best Mexico coffee brands. We’ve included light, medium and dark roast options from a variety of origins. We’re confident that you’ll find something that sounds right for you in this list, have a look!

It’s worth mentioning that a some Mexican coffee brands seem to only offer ground coffee. We’ve noted the availability of whole bean and ground options for each entry to save you the trouble!

1. Dancing Moon Coffee Company

Chiapas Coffee Beans

Roast: Dark

Taste: Rich, notes of cashews, cocoa & brown sugar

First up we have some Chiapas beans from Dancing Moon Coffee Company. As is common with Mexico coffee brands, these beans are darkly roasted. This coffee has a delicious syrupy body, with notes of roasted cashews and cocoa. A crisp acidity and brown sugar-toned sweetness are perfectly balanced. Dancing Moon supports wounded U.S. Armed Forces and their families via contributions to the Semper Fi Fund. There are a lot of Chiapas coffees to choose from, this is a great one to start with!

2. Oakland Coffee Works

Chiapas Coffee Beans

Roast: Medium

Taste: Complex, notes of nuts & chocolate

Next up, again from Chiapas, we have an entry from Oakland Coffee Works. This coffee is best described as light & bright, as the acidity is more prominent than your typical coffee from Mexico, while the body remains light. Due to the brightness and complexity, comparisons can be made to Guatemalan coffee! (That's a big compliment) Nutty & chocolate notes make this a serious treat.

3. La Parroquia de Veracruz

Veracruz Coffee Beans

Roast: Dark

Taste: Rich, notes of nuts & chocolate

Another dark roast here, this time from Veracruz! You can expect more body from these beans than with most from Chiapas. Notes of nuts & chocolate are again prominent. Despite being a dark roast, this coffee has a balanced brightness to it. There's more to Mexican coffee than just Chiapas beans, Veracruz coffee is very much worth checking out!

4. Wild Foods

Chiapas Coffee Beans

Roast: Medium

Taste: Rich, notes of nuts, caramel & Baker's chocolate

Yep, another one from Chiapas. Are you getting a sense of the quantity of coffee produced in the Chiapas region? Lots. Wild Foods is great, environmentally conscious roaster that operates via sustainable practices and also contributes to multiple charities. Their coffee? Also great. This medium roast is rich, with notes of nuts, caramel & hints of Baker's chocolate. These beans are quite versatile, translating very well into both cold brew and espresso!

5. Los Portales

Oaxaca Coffee Beans

Roast: Medium 

Taste: Mellow, yet complex, notes of chocolate, caramel & toasted grains

Next up we have some Oaxaca beans roasted by Los Portales. This coffee is light & mellow, but still quite complex. Prominent chocolate notes are complimented by caramel & toasted grain hints. This coffee has a mild acidity, making it ideal for anyone with a sensitive stomach. It's definitely worth checking out what Oaxaca has to offer!

6. Fresh Roasted Coffee

Chiapas Coffee Beans

Roast: Medium

Taste: Sweet, notes of pear, nuts & brown sugar

You didn't think we were done with Chiapas beans did you? Fresh Roasted Coffee is one of the few brands to offer whole bean, ground & single serve options. This coffee has a natural sweetness to it that is reminiscent of brown sugar. Notes of pear & nuts also contribute to the taste. This is the type of coffee that both connoisseurs and regular folk can enjoy equally. Trust us, you'll want another cup.

7. Groundwork

Chiapas Coffee Beans

Roast: Light

Taste: Sweet, notes of milk chocolate, almonds & apple

Our final entry comes from... Chiapas. Shocking, we know. This one is a sweet light roast with a delicate body. Notes of milk chocolate, almonds & apple coexist in perfect harmony. A cane sugar-like sweetness is also notable. We highly recommend drinking this one black, there's too many flavors in there that you could miss out on!

The end. What’s your favorite Mexican coffee? Do you have any recommendations for us? 

Let us know, we’re always happy to try something new!

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