Biohazard: The World's Strongest Coffee

Roasted By: Biohazard Coffee Co.

Who will enjoy Biohazard Coffee the most?

  • Anyone looking for the most caffeine / mg and an immediate boost of energy; Biohazard is the strong coffee roaster for you!
  • Strong & dark roast coffee lovers who enjoy some earthy character in their cup. 
  • Those who need to pull an all-nighter or two to finish that important project that they left until the last minute, (we're not judging).

Biohazard Coffee Profile

Roast:  Dark

Body:  Heavy, syrupy

Taste:  Strong, notes of earth, hazelnut & cherry

Fragrance:  Earthy, slightly fruity

Aroma:  Hazelnut, cherry

Sweetness:  Mild

Acidity:  Low 

Aftertaste:  Lingering, nutty 

Origin(s):  Varied - Vietnam, Colombia

Species:  Robusta


The Background

The marketing strategy for this product consists of referring to it as "a biological substance that poses a threat to the health of living organisms." As long as you don't take that literally, you probably get the implication that this stuff is STRONG. Biohazard coffee boasts an insanely high caffeine concentration of 928mg per 12 fluid ounces, (a typical 12 ounces contains less than 200mg), the most caffeine pound for pound that we're aware of. The name Biohazard serves as both an intriguing coffee brand name, and an apt warning by a great strong coffee roaster. 

What makes Biohazard Coffee special?

We absolutely love the branding aspect of Biohazard. But there are many companies out there with ambitiously named products that like to talk about containing the most caffeine. Boiohazard stands out by offering an outrageous name, and then delivering a product that validates it. If you question the decision making involved in referring to any consumable product as bio-hazardous, the heavy, earthy and intense flavor, paired with the almost immediate surge of energy will undoubtedly make you nod and think to yourself, "yeah, fair enough". After a quick search to ensure that you aren't actually endangering your health, you'll take a second sip and give Biohazard props for their creativity and for delivering a fine cup of hyper-caffeinated coffee. 

Do you know someone that might want to try this coffee? Let them know!

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