Brazil Cerrado Coffee 

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Brazil Cerrado Dark

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Who will enjoy Brazil Cerrado Coffee the most?

  • Anyone that tend to prefer a darker roast, Brazilian beans can be darkly roasted without becoming bitter!
  • Those who enjoy chocolate and nutty notes, this profile is rich with both.
  • Fans of South American coffee are likely to enjoy Brazil Cerradao coffee!

Brazil Cerrado Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium-Dark

Body:  Full, creamy

Taste:  Rich, notes of walnut & dark chocolate

Fragrance:  Strong, Chocolate

Aroma:  Chocolate, nuts

Sweetness:  Caramel-toned

Acidity:  Mild

Aftertaste:  Clean & smooth

Origin(s):  Brazil, Minas Gerais Cerrado

Species:  Arabica 


The Background

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world, but is typically known to focus on quantity more than quality. That being said, Cerrado region of the tropical savanna is a different story! Consistent rain, high temperatures and mineral rich soils contribute to optimal coffee growing conditions. The mild nature of Brazilian beans allows them to be more darkly roasted without ever becoming bitter. These beans definitely put quality ahead of quantity. Brazil Cerrado coffee is considered to be among the best specialty coffees available from Brazil! 

What makes Brazil Cerrado Coffee special?

Specialty coffee from Brazil is often overlooked, but Cerrado coffee is very much worth your attention! Brazilian coffee is known to be mild and easy drinking. Because of this attribute, these beans are able to be subject to a darker roast while retaining a lack of bitterness. This medium-dark roast accentuates notes of walnut and chocolate. A pleasant caramel-toned sweetness contributes to this rich flavor profile. If you're familiar with South American coffee and would like to try a tasty and easy drinking cup, give Brazil Cerrado coffee a go!

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