Cameroon Peaberry Coffee

Roasted By: Volcanica Coffee

Volcanica Cameroon Peaberry Coffee

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Who will enjoy Cameroon Peaberry Coffee the most?

  • Peaberry enthusiasts are sure to enjoy this rich and aromatic treat!
  • Fans of chocolate and nut oriented flavor profiles should check out this coffee.
  • Anyone who has yet to try Cameroon coffee should give this one a chance.

Cameroon Peaberry Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Full

Taste:  Rich, notes of nut and chocolate

Fragrance:  Intense, chocolate

Aroma:  Aromatic, chocolate

Sweetness:  Moderate

Acidity:  Mellow

Aftertaste:  Smooth & clean

Origin(s):  Cameroon, Boyo

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Single Origin, Organic

The Background

In the past, Cameroon produced primarily lower grade Robusta coffee beans. In recent years, they've begun to expand into the specialty Arabica market. These beans are grown in the northwestern province of Boyo. This particular Cameroon coffee is of the peaberry variety. Peaberry beans are thought to be more concentrated than regular coffee beans. Meticulous care is taken at a small, family owned farm to sort out these peaberries. If breaking into the specialty coffee market was the aim, this peaberry coffee is an excellent strategy!

What makes Brazil Cameroon Peaberry Coffee special?

There's no shortage of options when it comes to African coffee beans. Some of the best coffee in the world comes out of the Africa. Cameroon coffee shares some characteristics with nearby countries, but still offers a distinguished profile. This peaberry coffee is rich and extremely aromatic. Notes of chocolate are prominent, while hints of nut can also be tasted. A mellow acidity is evident but does not overwhelm. If you have never tried coffee from Cameroon, this peaberry coffee is the way to go! 

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