Colombia Huíla Coffee

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Colombian Coffee Colombia Huíla Coffee Whole Bean

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Who will enjoy Colombia Huíla Coffee the most?

  • Those who enjoy cherry and chocolate, the two are combined wonderfully in this Colombia Huíla coffee. 
  • Coffee drinkers with a sweet tooth are sure to enjoy the caramel-toned sweetness in this one.
  • Anyone looking to make their co-workers, neighbors, or anyone nearby jealous; this coffee has an aroma to die for!

Colombia Huíla Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium-Dark

Body:  Full, smooth

Taste:  Rich, notes of cherry, caramel & chocolate

Fragrance:  Intense, chocolate

Aroma:  Aromatic, chocolate

Sweetness:  Moderate, caramel

Acidity:  Mild, backgrounded

Aftertaste:  Sweet & clean

Origin(s):  Colombia, Huíla

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Organic, Single Origin

The Background

Virtually every coffee drinker is likely to have tried a Colombian coffee, as it is among the most widely consumed world-wide. Not only does Colombia produce a massive amount of coffee, it also is considered to be supply some of the best coffee beans in the world! This Colombia Huíla coffee is a fine representation of the what Southern Colombia has to offer. The classic Colombian coffee profile is expanded upon here with an emphasis on chocolate and cherry.

What makes this Colombia Huíla Coffee special?

This coffee begins with a room-filling chocolate aroma to die for. Notes of cherry and chocolate combine wonderfully with a caramel-toned sweetness to make this rich flavor profile. The acidic content is less here as compared to your typical Colombian coffee, but it is still present in the background. This coffee finishes sweet and clean, rounding out a truly great cup. If you haven't tried a coffee from the department of Huíla, we highly recommend that you try this treat!

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