Colombian Supremo Coffee

Roasted By: Don Fransisco's Coffee

Who will enjoy Colombian Supremo Coffee the most?

  • Fans of fruity flavor profiles, a nice natural fruity sweetness makes this one a real treat.
  • Wine lovers are sure to enjoy this rich Colombia Supremo coffee.
  • Anyone who isn't crazy about Colombian coffee, this one might just be the turning point for you.

Colombian Supremo Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Full, smooth

Taste:  Rich, notes of fruit & wine

Fragrance:  Floral, fruity

Aroma:  Floral, sweet

Sweetness:  Moderate, fruity

Acidity:  Moderate, citrus

Aftertaste:  Smooth

Origin(s):  Colombia

Species:  Arabica 


The Background

Colombia is one of the top coffee producing countries in the world, and is home to a variety of very high quality beans. Don Fransisco's is a wonderful family owned and run business, that has been around since 1870! Colombia sits right in middle of the the coffee belt, and benefits from an ideal climate the whole year around. The harvested coffee beans are sorted by size, and only the largest are used in this Colombian Supremo coffee. This coffee is textbook quality Colombian coffee, and it's familes like the Don Fransico family that have led to the exceedingly high reputation of Colombian beans.

What makes this Colombian Supremo Coffee special?

This coffee is every that one would expect from a high end Colombian coffee and then some. A sweet and floral aroma is followed by a rich taste that includes notes of fruit and wine. The wine flavors distinguish this coffee from your typical Colombian bean. A fruity sweetness is on display and the signature citric acidity is evident before coming to a nice smooth finish. Don Fransisco's has been in the coffee business for nearly 150 years, and there is a reason they're still around. Give their Colombian Supremo coffee a try and you'll understand.

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