Colombian Supremo Cold Brew Coffee

Roasted By: Stone Street Coffee

Who will enjoy Colombian Cold Brew Coffee the most?

  • Those who enjoy their coffee cold, this Colombian cold brew  is one of the best options out there!
  • Dark roast fans will love the dark, yet smooth taste profile of these beans.
  • Anyone seeking a low acid coffee, cold brew or not, this one is easy on the stomach.

Brazil Cerrado Coffee Profile

Roast:  Dark

Body:  Full, smooth

Taste:  Mildly sweet, notes of nuts, caramel & chocolate

Fragrance:  Dark, chocolate

Aroma:  Strong, chocolate

Sweetness:  Caramel

Acidity:  Low

Aftertaste:  Smooth

Origin(s):  Colombia

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Single Origin

The Background

Stone Street Coffee is a well established roaster with a number of great options available. Their Colombian Supremo Cold Brew Reserve coffee is a single origin that is recommended for cold brew coffee. There is much debate as to whether single origin or blended coffee is better for cold brewing. Although there are definitely good examples for both sides, this coffee is a strong argument for the single origin camp. Supremo beans are the largest and highest grade in the Colombian grading system. Stone Street offers whole bean and pre-ground options for this product. Their pre-ground coffee is very consistently ground to a coarse level that is optimal for cold brew.

What makes Colombian Cold Brew Coffee special?

As the name clearly indicates, this coffee is meant to be used for cold brew coffee. Truth be told, it makes for great hot coffee as well, but we'll focus on the intended purpose here. These supremo beans are smooth, never bitter, low in acidity, and have distinct single origin flavor notes that are accentuated by a dark roast. All of these qualities work together wonderfully to create a great cold brew. To quote an Amazon review here, this coffee, "prevents me from punching perky people every morning." If this is an issue that you struggle with, here's your solution! All jokes aside, every cold brew fan should try out Stone Street's Colombian Supremo. 

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