Costa Rica La Minita Coffee

Roasted By: Coffee Beanery

Who will enjoy Costa Rica La Minita Coffee the most?

  • Coffee drinkers with a sweet tooth will love this taste profile including notes of caramel and chocolate.
  • Those that like a lively, vibrant acidity will enjoy the citrus-toned bite that this coffee offers.
  • Anyone who hasn't tried Costa Rican coffee, La Minita coffee is a fantastic estate coffee.

Costa Rica La Minita Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Medium, creamy

Taste:  Sweet, notes of citrus, caramel & chocolate

Fragrance:  Sweet, chocolate

Aroma:  Chocolate, brown sugar

Sweetness:  Strong, brown-sugar

Acidity:  Vibrant, citrus-toned

Aftertaste:  Smooth & sustained

Origin(s):  Costa Rica, Tarrazu, La Minita

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Single Origin

The Background

Costa Rica produces some of the best coffee to come out of Central America, perhaps even the whole world. The most esteemed coffee growing region in Costa Rica is Tarrazu. These beans come from La Minita estate, which reside within the Tarrazu region. Meticulous care is taken by this estate to ensure an elite quality product. Ideal and unique growing conditions lead to a distinguished taste profile. Growth at high a high altitude, fertile soils and a perfect balance between rainfall and sunlight are among the many factors that contribute to the quality of La Minita coffee. This is Coffee Beanery at their best.

What makes Costa Rica La Minita Coffee special?

La Minita coffee showcases why estate coffee tends to hold such a high reputation. These beans have a strong, sweet aroma that will fill the room. Notes of caramel and chocolate are prominent in this naturally sweet coffee. A vibrant, citrus-toned acidity sets this coffee apart from the field. In the end, a smooth and clean finish lingers around long after the cup is gone. Tarrazu beans are considered to be the best from Costa Rica, and La Minita coffee manages to distinguish itself even among the elite. Costa Rican estate coffee is a luxury that every coffee drinker should experience. 

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