Costa Rican Peaberry Coffee: Doka Estate Coffee

Roasted By: Doka Estate Gourmet Coffee

Who will enjoy Doka Estate Coffee the most?

  • Anyone who enjoys a rich and sweet profile; this Costa Rican coffee exhibits a wonderful brown sugary sweetness, coupled with fruity notes.
  • Fans of fruit toned acidity, this coffee has a pleasantly bright bite, but remains smooth overall. 
  • This is one of those coffees that we think any coffee drinker would enjoy. Truly a treat for all! 

Doka Estate Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Full & smooth

Taste:  Rich, notes of lime, apricot & brown sugar

Fragrance:  Complex, fruity

Aroma:  Intense, brown-sugar

Sweetness:  Brown-sugary

Acidity:  Bright, fruity

Aftertaste:  Sweet & sustained 

Origin(s):  Costa Rica, Alajuela Region, Doka Estate

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Single Origin

The Background

Costa Rican coffee beans are considered to be some of the best to come out of Central and South America. Doka Estate, located in Alajuela, Costa Rica, is a single origin producer of some seriously top quality coffee. Their Costa Rican peaberry coffee  is a testament to the high reputation of Doka Estate coffee. This coffee is all about showing off what a single origin provider has to offer, peaberry style! All of the pleasantries one would expect from high quality Costa Rican coffee beans are intensified in this brilliant Doka Estate coffee.

What makes Costa Rican Peaberry Coffee: Doka Estate Coffee special?

You'll have a hard time finding a coffee with more flavor than this Costa Rican peaberry coffee. The lime and apricot notes and the bright, fruity acidity typical of coffee from Costa Rica is more evident than ever here. A splendid brown sugary sweetness contributes significantly to the taste profile and sticks around as a pleasant aftertaste. Regardless of your opinions on peaberry coffees, you will no doubt come to associate Doka Estate coffee with top of the line quality. Try this coffee, period.  

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