Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee

Roasted By: Cafe Britt

Who will enjoy Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee the most?

  • Fans of darker roast profiles will enjoy the accentuated notes of cacao and grapefruit present in this coffee.
  • Those who enjoy a complex and variable taste profile are likely to love Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee!
  • Anyone who has yet to try some Costa Rican coffee, you're missing out!

Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium-Dark

Body:  Medium

Taste:  Complex, notes of cacao and grapefruit

Fragrance:  Aromatic wood, dark chocolate

Aroma:  Dark chocolate

Sweetness:  Chocolate

Acidity:  Mild, fruity

Aftertaste:  Smooth

Origin(s):  Costa Rica, Tarrazu

Species:  Arabica 


The Background

Costa Rica produces some of the best coffee to come out of Central America. The most well known growing region is Tarrazu, which is located just outside of San José, the capital city of Costa Rica. Tarrazu coffee is grown among Costa Rica's highest mountain range, Talamanca. These beans benefit immensely from nutrient rich volcanic soils, high altitudes and a consistent balance between sunlight and rainfall. Cafe Britt is a very respectable roaster that prides themselves on environmentally friendly practices. They have many products to offer, and we think that Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee is one of their best!

What makes Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee special?

The first thing that you'll notice is the strong and pleasantly fresh fragrance of aromatic wood that these beans give off. This is just the first of many qualities that make Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee a complex treat. Notes of cacao and a a distinct grapefruit flavor are wonderfully accentuated by the roast profile. A mild acidity adds a dimension to this coffee but does not overwhelm. This flavorful profile fades away with a nice, smooth finish. If you're going to try out some Costa Rican coffee, Tarrazu beans are the way to go! 

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