El Salvador El Manzano Coffee

Roasted By: Topeco Coffee

El Salvador El Manzano Coffee Whole Bean

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Who will enjoy El Manzano Coffee the most?

  • Anyone who enjoys a naturally sweet cup should definitely check out El Manzano coffee!
  • Those who tend to prefer a lighter roast; these beans are roasted to the low end of the medium roast spectrum.
  • Fans of Central American coffee in general are very likely to enjoy these beans.

El Salvador El Manzano Coffee

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Medium, smooth

Taste:  Sweet, notes of honey, apple and nuts

Fragrance:  Apple, aromatic tobacco

Aroma:  Apple, nuts

Sweetness:  Honey

Acidity:  Bright, fruity

Aftertaste:  Sweet

Origin(s):  El Salvador, Santa Ana, El Manzano

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Single Origin

The Background

Situated just below Guatemala, El Salvador is a relatively small Central American country that is jam packed full of mountains. The high altitudes provided by the mountainous terrain provides ideal conditions for strictly high grown beans to be produced. El Manzano coffee beans come from a single origin within the Santa Ana department of El Salvador. Topeca Coffee employs a fully integrated model that oversees coffee from seed to cup. From the initial production by Emilio Lopez Dias, to the roasting process in Tulsa, Oklahoma, meticulous care is taken by Topeca Coffee.

What makes El Salvador El Manzano Coffee special?

There is quite a variety on offer in terms of flavor profiles from El Salvador. El Manzano coffee is among the most distinguished of them all, offering a number of distinct flavor notes. These beans are roasted to the low end of the medium roast spectrum; preferences for both light and medium roasts will be satisfied! A pleasant aroma reminiscent of tobacco mixed with baked apples is the first thing you'll notice. This coffee is naturally sweet, with notes of honey, almond and apple. A bright, fruity acidity, characteristic of many Central American coffees adds to the complexity of this cup. This is a coffee that you'll want several servings of in order to fully appreciate everything that is going on!  

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