El Salvador Santa Maria Coffee

Roasted By: Cubico Coffee

Who will enjoy El Salvador Santa Maria Coffee the most?

  • Coffee aficionados that enjoy a distinguished and complex cup should give Santa Maria a try.
  • Those with a sweet tooth, this coffee has a natural brown sugar-toned sweetness.
  • Fans of Central American coffee are likely to enjoy this one!

El Salvador Santa Maria Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Full, creamy

Taste:  Complex, notes of fruit, caramel & chocolate

Fragrance:  Intense, sweet

Aroma:  Sweet, caramel

Sweetness:  Brown sugar

Acidity:  Citrus-toned

Aftertaste:  Sweet & smooth

Origin(s):  El Salvador, Santa Ana, Portero Grande

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Single Origin

The Background

El Salvador is a small, mountainous country within Central America. Mountains and volcanoes provide nutrient rich soils and sufficiently high altitudes for the growth of coffee. This single origin coffee comes from the estate of Santa Maria, atop the Volcan de Santa Ana. These beans are produced via sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Meticulous care is taken by Juan and Fernando Aguilar to supply the highest quality coffee beans possible. The hard work and care taken is very evident in their Santa Ana coffee!

El Salvador Santa Maria Coffee special?

El Salvador offers a good variety of flavor profiles, many of which are relatively mellow and simple. This coffee, on the other hand, is distinguished and quite complex. Perhaps it is due to the unique micro region, Santa Maria, in which it is grown. When brewing this coffee, an intense and sweet aroma will entice anyone that is nearby. Notes of fruit, caramel and chocolate are on display, and a citrus-toned acidity only adds to the complexity. This coffee will be most appreciated black, as there are a number of different aspects contributing the the taste profile. You may also need multiple cups to fully appreciate all of the intricacies that are present! 

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