Ethiopia Organic Sidamo Coffee

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Ethiopian Sidamo

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Who will enjoy Ethiopia Organic Sidamo Coffee the most?

  • Berry lovers; a prominent blueberry taste ties these organic Sidamo coffee beans together wonderfully.
  • Those who enjoy a coffee with some earthy and nutty character. 
  • Fans of Ethiopian or African coffee that tend to prefer a light roast.

Ethiopia Organic Sidamo Coffee Profile

Roast:  Light

Body:  Creamy

Taste:  Earthy, notes of blueberry, wine & slight almond

Fragrance:  Earthy, wine-like

Aroma:  Sweet, wine-like

Sweetness:  Strong, fruity

Acidity:  Balanced, berry-like

Aftertaste:  Creamy, long lasting

Origin(s):  Ethiopia, Sidamo

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Single Origin, USDA Organic, Fair Trade

The Background

Ethiopia is one of the top coffee producing countries in the world, and accordingly offers a wide variety of taste profiles from a wide variety of coffee growing regions. Sidamo coffee beans are one of the most renowned and recognized of all Ethiopian beans. This organic Sidamo coffee delivers a wonderful example of what the famous region has to offer. Whether you're an Ethiopian coffee enthusiast, or have heard the hype and are looking for a good place to dive in, we highly recommend these light roast  Sidamo coffee beans.

What makes Ethiopia Organic Sidamo Coffee special?

With a wide range of stellar coffees that come from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia, it takes something truly great to stand out. These Sidamo coffee beans manage to achieve this feat by balancing a wide array of pleasing characteristics in expert fashion. Earth and wine-toned notes are encapsulated by a creamy body. A distinct and sweet blueberry taste takes the forefront of this profile, while a balanced, berry-like acidity compliments. The cup finishes with a prolonged creamy aftertaste. If your preference tends at all toward a lighter roast, you have to try these Sidamo coffee beans!

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