Ethiopia Oromia Coffee: Microlot Coffee

Roasted By: Cooper's Coffee Company

Ethiopian Oromia Light

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Who will enjoy Ethiopia Oromia Coffee the most?

  • Those who appreciate a vibrant acidity; this one offers a seriously divine sweetly tart bite!
  • Fans of floral and fruit notes; this microlot coffee is packed full of them to make a nice, complex cup.
  • Anyone that enjoys Ethiopian coffee and tends to enjoy a lighter roast profile.

Ethiopia Oromia Coffee: Microlot Coffee Profile

Roast:  Light

Body:  Velvety & smooth

Taste:  Complex, floral, fruit, lemon & honey notes

Fragrance:  Complex, floral

Aroma:  Aromatic, floral, lemon

Sweetness:  Moderate, honey-like

Acidity:  Vibrant, crisp, sweetly tart

Aftertaste:  Crisp & resonant

Origin(s):  Ethiopia, Oromia, Jimma, Gomma

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Single Origin

The Background

Ethiopia has a number of very well known coffee producing regions, as well as several lesser known hidden gems. This microlot coffee is sourced from the Gomma district of the Oromia region, an area that has not (yet) become a world-wide coffee brand. This coffee is a testament to the quality and variety that Ethiopian coffee growing regions beyond Yirgacheffe can offer. Whether you are already a fan of Ethiopian coffee or are just now delving into the endless high quality options, this is Oromia coffee is a great light roast! 

What makes Ethiopia Oromia Coffee: Microlot Coffee special?

If you are familiar with Ethiopian coffee, you have most likely tried and enjoyed a Yirgacheffe or Sidamo. This microlot coffee comes from a different region entirely, and distinguishes itself in a number of ways. This light roast offers a very note-worthy, sweetly-tart acidity that is more vibrant than your average Ethiopian coffee. The intense and varied flavor profile ranges from floral to fruity notes, and is balanced with a honey-like sweetness. There is a lot going on in this one, multiple cups are a must! Don't worry, you'll want another cup or two if you try it! Oromia coffee is very much worth a try!

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