Guatemala Dark Roast Huehuetenango Coffee

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Guatemalan Dark

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Who will enjoy Dark Huehuetenango the most?

  • Dark Roast fans; Guatemala dark roast is the best kind of dark roast there is!
  • Anyone who likes a little spice, and a smoky sweetness in their cup.
  • Those that prefer a coffee that is low in acidity, but doesn't skimp on flavor.

Guatemala Dark Roast Huehuetenango Coffee Profile

Roast:  Dark

Body:  Full, smooth

Taste:  Rich, notes of spice and chocolate

Fragrance:  Aromatic wood, spice

Aroma:  Aromatic wood, spice, slight chocolate

Sweetness:  Smoky

Acidity:  Minimal

Aftertaste:  Clean, smooth

Origin(s): Guatemala, Huehuetenango

Species: Arabica

Cert(s): Single Origin

The background

Guatemala produces coffee that is considered to among the best the world has to offer. With such a lofty expectation, it takes a special product to do the reputation justice. Fresh Roasted's Guatemala Dark Roast, sourced from Huehuetenango, manages to passes this test with flying colors. Coming from one of the most esteemed regions in Guatemala and roasted to perfection, this coffee presents a distinguished taste profile and a wonderful aroma. If you haven't tried a Guatemala dark roast, we highly recommend that you try Fresh Roasted's Huehuetenango to see what all of the fuss is about. 

What makes Guatemala Dark Roast Huehuetenango Coffee special?

This darkly roasted treat is a great example of the distinct taste profile that Huehuetenango beans produce. An intoxicating aroma of spice and wood is followed by a rich flavor that follows suit. This full-bodied mouthful is exceptionally smooth for a dark roast, and offers a smokey sweetness that transitions effortlessly to a nice clean finish. A lot of people say that Guatemala does coffee the best, and after trying Fresh Roasted's Dark Huehetenango, you may be inclined to say the same. 

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