Guatemala Huehuetenango Coffee: Gratitude Blend

Roasted By: Maddat Coffee

Guatemalan Coffee Guatemala Huehuetenango Coffee Gratititude Blend Whole Bean

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Who will enjoy Gratitude Blend the most?

  • Light body lovers, this coffee has a wonderful, almost buttery mouth feel that works very well with the balanced flavor profile.
  • Anyone who is skeptical about blends, this Guatemalan blend may force you to rethink everything... or at least coffee. 
  • Those who enjoy fruit and chocolate oriented flavor profiles.

Guatemala Huehuetenango Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Light, almost-buttery

Taste:  Balanced, notes of fruit, nut & slight chocolate

Fragrance:  Sweet, Floral

Aroma:  Floral, fruity, nutty

Sweetness:  Moderate, fruity

Acidity:  Moderate, fruity

Aftertaste:  Clean, lingering

Origin(s): Guatemala, Huehuetenango

Species: Arabica

Cert(s): Fair Trade, Organic, Charitable Contributions

The Background

"Maddat" is derived from a Nepalese word meaning "community, help, spirituality and positivity". The aptly chosen name of this roaster reflects their values quite well. Maddat Coffee takes pride in helping others, contributing to a variety of humanitarian charities, and providing a Fair Trade, Organic product to coffee lovers. If we were to ignore the good nature of Maddat Coffee, and look solely at their coffee, we would still say that their Guatemala Huehuetenango coffee blend is truly remarkable. 

What makes ​Guatemala Huehuetenango Coffee special?

With the recent increase in demand for single origin coffees, a misconception that coffee from a single origin is automatically superior to blends seems to have appeared. This is simply not true. While it may be a trend that low end coffees are typically blends and many renowned coffees are single origin, it is by no means a rule. Maddat Coffee appears to have had Aristotle's famous quote "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" in mind when the created their Guatemalan Blend. Maddat expertly produces a perfectly balanced taste with notes of fruit, nut and a bit of chocolate. All of this is encompassed by delightfully light, nearly buttery mouthfeel. Blend naysayers, give Gratitude a try and please get back to us.

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