Guatemala Pacamara Santa Felise Coffee

Roasted By: Belux Coffee

Guatemala Pacamara Santa Felise Coffee

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Who will enjoy Santa Felise Coffee the most?

  • Those who enjoy fruit and wine notes and a bright acidity will enjoy this one.
  • Anyone that hasn't tried Pacamara beans, Santa Felise coffee is a great option.
  • Fans of Guatemalan coffee; this coffee is everything you love with a twist!

Pacamara Santa Felise Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Full, creamy

Taste:  Complex, notes of fruit, wine & chocolate

Fragrance:  Fruity & floral

Aroma:  Fruit & wine

Sweetness:  Moderate

Acidity:  Complex, bright

Aftertaste:  Smooth, hints of chocolate

Origin(s):  Guatemala, Santa Felise

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Single Origin

The Background

Originally produced in El Salvador, Pacamara coffee is a cross between the Pacas and Maragogype varietals. The name Pacamara is derived from the first four letters of each parent varietal. Pacamara coffee has earned a respectable reputation and is now grown in a number of Central American countries, including Guatemala. Santa Felise coffee is grown within a micro climate that is situated in the Acatenango Volcano Valley. Belux Coffee roasts to order, thus ensuring that you receive your beans as fresh as possible.

What makes Guatemala Pacamara Santa Felise Coffee special?

Pacamara Santa Felise coffee offers a profile that is a little bit different than your typical Guatemalan bean. This coffee is quite complex, and manages to perfectly balance a wide variety of characteristics. A powerful, fruity aroma greets you as soon as you open the bag. Notes of fruit, wine and chocolate can be tasted and they compliment one another very well. That acidity here is particularly note worthy. The typically bright acidity of Guatemalan coffee is taken to another level of complexity here. The bright bite fades away for a smooth finish with hints of chocolate. If you're a fan of Guatemalan coffee, this is a must try! 

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