Guatemala San Marcos Coffee

Roasted By: Two Volcanoes Coffee

Guatemalan Coffee Guatemala San Marcos Coffee Whole Bean

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Who will enjoy Guatemala San Marcos Coffee the most?

  • Fans of nut oriented profiles will enjoy everything about this coffee from fragrance to aftertaste.
  • Anyone that enjoys Guatemalan coffee, this is an option from a region other than Antigua and Huehuetenango, check it out!
  • Those seeking a low acid coffee, Guatemala San Marcos coffee is easy on the stomach, and a delight on the taste buds.

Guatemala San Marcos Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Full, smooth

Taste:  Balanced, floral and nutty notes

Fragrance:  Floral, nutty

Aroma:  Floral, nutty

Sweetness:  Mild, backgrounded

Acidity:  Low

Aftertaste:  Light, nutty

Origin(s): Guatemala, San Marcos

Species: Arabica

Cert(s): Single Origin, Fair Trade, Organic

The Background

When it comes to coffee, Guatemala carries a very high reputation. The more known coffee producing regions are Antigua and Huehetenango, but there are many smaller hidden gems that produce their own distinct variety of coffee, while living up to the lofty expectations of the country. Two volcanoe's sources their coffee from one of these hidden gems. Guatemala San Marcos coffee is produced in an area that benefits from rich volcanic soil provided by, as their name implies, two nearby volcanoes. This coffee really highlights the ideal growing conditions present all across Guatemala, and not just in the more branded areas. 

What makes Guatemala San Marcos Coffee special?

Being that it is grown in a lesser known region, Two Volcanoes' single origin Guatemala San Marcos coffee offers a distinguished profile. Sweetness and acidity are toned down in this smooth, full bodied coffee to amplify the predominantly nut flavored taste that is on display. Nutty is the name of the game here, from the initial fragrance to the finish, and all of the taste in between. Two Volcanoes' San Marcos showcases a wonderful alternative to the more known coffee producing regions of Guatemala, and it does so in style. Whether you are a fan of Guatemalan coffee or not, don't miss out on this one.

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