Hawaiian Gold 100 Kona Coffee

Roasted By: Kona Gold Rum Co.

100 percent Kona coffee Hawaiian Gold 100 Kona Coffee

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Who will enjoy Hawaiian Gold 100 Kona Coffee the most?

  • Those looking to experience 100 percent Kona coffee, give these extra fancy beans a try.
  • Fans of rich and sweet coffees, notes of fruit, cream and brown-sugar are nicely balanced here!
  • Anyone looking for a good coffee gift, this is sure to impress and be loved by any coffee drinker.

Hawaiian Gold 100 Kona Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Full, smooth

Taste:  Rich, notes of fruit, brown-sugar and cream

Fragrance:  Intense, fruity

Aroma:  Sweet, fruit, brown-sugar

Sweetness:  Brown-sugary

Acidity:  Mellow, fruity

Aftertaste:  Clean & Creamy

Origin(s):  United States, Hawaii, Kona

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Single Origin

The Background

Due to esteemed reputation of Kona coffee beans, there a number of products on the market that include the word Kona in their name, that are not actually comprised purely of Kona beans. Kona Gold Coffee offers 100% Kona coffee beans! These beans are classified as extra fancy, which the highest grade that can be assigned to Hawaiian beans. Considered by many to be the best coffee in the world, these beans are for coffee connoisseurs that are seeking the absolute pinnacle. 

What makes Hawaiian Gold 100 Kona Coffee special?

These 100% Kona coffee beans do the lofty reputation of the island of Kona proud. An intense and sweet aroma is immediately evident, hinting at the delicious cup to come. The flavor profile is very rich, balancing notes of fruit, creamy and brown sugar in perfect harmony. A fruity, mellow acidity is present, that fades into a clean and still creamy finish. These beans really need to be experienced in order to understand what all of the fuss is about. If you're a coffee lover and looking for an extra special treat, this is one of the best options out there.

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