Honduran Copán Coffee

Roasted By: Teasia

Honduran Copán Coffee Whole Bean

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Who will enjoy Honduran Copán Coffee the most?

  • Anyone that enjoys some zesty bite to their cup should check out Copán coffee!
  • Black coffee drinkers, this brew is best enjoyed without additives.
  • Fans of Central American coffee in general will love this one.

Honduran Copán Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Medium, smooth

Taste:  Sweet, notes of nuts, honey & fruit

Fragrance:  Fruity, nutty

Aroma:  Delicate, nutty

Sweetness:  Honey toned

Acidity:  Bright, zesty

Aftertaste:  Clean, hints of lemon

Origin(s):  Honduras, Copán, San Pedro de Copán

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Single Origin, Fair Trade

The Background

Teasia sources their beans from San Pedro de Copán from a cooperative called Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada (COCAFCAL). San Pedro de Copán is located in Western Honduras, within a close proximity to the Guatemalan border. Unsurprisingly, coffees from this area share many characteristics with Guatemalan beans. San Pedro de Copán boasts altitudes between 1400-1600m. Classified as strictly high grown, these beans mature more slowly, allowing a longer time with which to develop their flavor. In addition to ideal altitudes, Copán benefits from mineral rich clay soils and a suitable climate for the growth of coffee.

What makes Honduran Copán Coffee special?

Thanks to the high altitudes in which these beans are grown, Honduran Copán coffee has an extremely well developed flavor profile. A delicate nutty aroma only hints at the array of flavors to come. Notes of roasted nuts and fruit, a honey toned sweetness and a bright, zesty acidity are perfectly balanced in this brew. As the taste fades, you're left with a clean aftertaste with subtle hints of that zesty bite, which is now more discernible as lemon. This one is perfect for black coffee drinkers, as it would be a crying shame to mask the numerous intricacies encompassed within this complex cup.

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