Honduran Marcala Coffee

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Honduran Marcala

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Who will enjoy Honduran Marcala Coffee the most?

  • Black coffee drinkers will love this naturally sweet brew.
  • Espresso lovers should definitely try a shot of Honduran Marcala coffee!
  • Anyone who hasn't tried Honduran coffee a try is advised to do so ASAP!

Honduran Marcala Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Medium, smooth

Taste:  Sweet, notes of milk chocolate, walnut & lemon

Fragrance:  Nutty, chocolate

Aroma:  Roasted nuts, chocolate

Sweetness:  Sugary

Acidity:  Bright, citrus

Aftertaste:  Bright, lemon-toned bite

Origin(s):  Honduras, La Paz, Marcala

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Single Origin, Organic, Fair Trade

The Background

Honduras is the largest producer of coffee in North America. In the past, a quantity over quality mentality existed, whereby the majority of Honduran beans were destined to be used as cheap filler in blends. With the rise in popularity and demand for specialty coffee, Honduras now produces quantity AND quality. While still comfortably in the top 10 coffee producing countries in the world, Honduras offers a variety of high quality single origin beans.

Fresh Roasted Coffee sources these beans from the municipality of Marcala, which lies within the region of La Paz, in south-west Honduras. This area, and much of Honduras benefits from ideal weather, rich soils & high altitudes. Some of the top Honduran beans are compared to high quality Guatemalan coffees!

What makes Honduran Marcala Coffee special?

Farming technology innovations and an increasing agricultural standards have lead to a drastic increase in the quality of Honduran specialty coffee. Honduran coffee is now expected to live up to lofty reputations of bordering countries such as Guatemala and Nicaragua. If Fresh Roasted's Honduran Marcala is any indication, they're doing a pretty good job!

These organic beans are naturally sweet and packed with notable aspects. Nutty and milk chocolate notes take the forefront, while a bright citrus-toned acidity adds to the complexity. This brew has some bite and hints of lemon to the finish, rounding out a roller coaster of a cup. FYI, these beans make a mean espresso shot!

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