Indonesia Dark Sulawesi Kalossi Coffee

Roasted By: Coffee Bean Direct

Indonesian Coffee Dark Sulawesi Kalossi Coffee Whole Bean

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Who will enjoy Sulawesi Kalossi Coffee the most?

  • Dark roast fans will love how the Sulawesi coffee flavors amplified by the roast here!
  • Those who are seeking a low acid coffee, you'll find earth and berries instead in this Sulawesi Kalossi coffee.
  • Anyone who is tempted by the exotic aroma of coffee from a far away land.

Dark Indonesia Sulawesi Kalossi Coffee Profile

Roast:  Dark

Body:  Full, silky

Taste:  Rich, notes of earth & berries

Fragrance:  Exotic, earthy

Aroma:  Earthy, berries

Sweetness:  Rustic, backgrounded

Acidity:  Minimal

Aftertaste:  Smooth

Origin(s):  Indonesia, South Sulawesi

Species:  Arabica


The Background

Indonesia is a major player in the world of coffee production, and offers a wide variety of distinct profiles. As Indonesia is comprised of a number of islands of varying size, several different growing environments exist, giving rise to many high quality and distinguished coffee profiles. The island of Sulawesi, formerly known as and sometimes still referred to as Celebes, is home to very ideal growing conditions. Coffee Bean Direct's Sulawesi coffee showcases a high end product from South Sulawesi. These rich coffee beans benefit from the high altitude, nutrient rich volcanic soil in which they are grown.

What makes Indonesia Dark Sulawesi Kalossi Coffee special?

This Sulawesi coffee, like many coffees from Indonesia, is very low in acidity. Exotic scents of earth and berries set the stage for this treat. The dark roast perfectly accentuates the notes of earth and berries and a brings out a pleasantly rustic sweetness. This full bodied, silky smooth Sulawesi coffee is completed by a nice smooth finish. Coffee Bean Direct manages to provide a a coffee that is worthy of the esteemed Indonesian reputation, give this one a try!

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