Mocha Java Coffee - Mocha Java Blend 

Roasted By: Larry's Coffee

Indonesian COffee Mocha Java Blend Whole Bean

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Who will enjoy Mocha Java Coffee the most?

  • Fans of either bright, lively acidity or heavy, earthy spice; Mocha Java coffee perfectly combines the two!
  • Chocolate and fruit fans will love the way these flavors are balanced, and can savor the wonderful chocolate finish.
  • Anyone that hasn't tried a Mocha Java blend, this is a great representation of the famous blend's profile.

Mocha Java Coffee Profile

Roast:  Dark

Body:  Medium, smooth

Taste:  Balanced, notes of earth, spice, caramel & chocolate

Fragrance:  Earthy, spicy

Aroma:  Earthy, spicy, chocolate

Sweetness:  Fruity, berry-like 

Acidity: Berry-like

Aftertaste:  Creamy, chocolate

Origin(s):  Indonesia, Sumatra & Ethiopia

Species:  Arabica

Cert(s):  Fair Trade, USDA Organic

The Background

The Indonesian island of Java is so well known for coffee, that the word "java" is used as slang for coffee in general. Having existed for hundreds of years, the combination of Indonesian Java coffee beans with Yemen Mocha coffee beans is widely considered to be the first coffee blend. The classical Mocha Java blend formula has stood the test of time, albeit more so in theory than in a literal sense. The concept behind the initial Mocha Java blend was that the high acidity of Mocha and more muted, heavy Java would compliment each other and form a balanced and smooth combination of the two profiles. Larry's Coffee follows the logic by combining a bright Ethiopian bean with a rich, spicy Sumatran to form their take on Mocha Java coffee. It should be noted that Larry's Coffee is not trying to trick anyone, and that the practice of combining only Yemen Mocha with only Indonesian Java has drastically declined due to fair trade issues relating to the Yemeni Civil War. "Mocha Java" is more of a brand at this point, and to be honest, there's no reason to think that other blends couldn't be as good, or even superior. 

What makes Mocha Java Coffee special?

As Mocha Java is more as a brand than a reference to highly specific regions, there are a large number of products with the name attached to it. Although the original blend consisted of Yemen Mocha and Indonesian Java beans, many companies have innovated blends of beans with similar profiles to achieve the desired Mocha Java taste. Larry's Mocha Java is blended to perfection, resulting in a splendid, smooth balance between the two distinguished profiles. All of the qualities expected of a Mocha Java blend are present in harmony here. An earthy spice, with chocolate and a hint of caramel is seamlessly combined with a bright berry-like acidity. This cup comes to a nice creamy chocolate finish. If you're in the market for Mocha Java, this is what you're looking for. Period.

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