Indonesia Sumatra Lintong Coffee

Roasted By: Cooper's Coffee Company

Indonesia Sumatra Dark

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Who will enjoy Lintong Coffee Coffee the most?

  • Experienced coffee drinkers are likely to enjoy this distinguished cup.
  • Cold brew fans are advised to give some Lintong coffee a try immediately.
  • If you've enjoyed other Sumatran beans, you'll probably really like these!

Indonesia Lintong Coffee Profile

Roast:  Dark

Body:  Medium

Taste:  Rich, dark chocolate, cherry, earthy & cedar notes

Fragrance:  Earthy, cedar

Aroma:  Earthy, cedar

Sweetness:  Smoky

Acidity:  Low

Aftertaste:  Smooth

Origin(s):  Indonesia, Sumatra, Lintong Nihuta

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Single Origin, Organic, Fair Trade

The Background

With an output of over one billion pounds of coffee per year, Indonesia is one of the largest producers of coffee in the world. Indonesia is made up of a number of different islands, and accordingly, has a number of distinguished coffee profiles to offer. The island of Sumatra is debatably the most prestigious of them all, and the variety that comes from several growing regions spread across the island is noteworthy. Cooper's Coffee sources these single origin, organically grown beans from the Lintong Nihuta region. Lintong coffee is highly regarded among coffee connoisseurs around the world, and for good reason!

What makes Lintong Coffee Coffee special?

Coffee from the island of Sumatra is known to be naturally low in acidity, and typically has an earthy, spicy taste to it. Lintong coffee is differentiated from Mandheling and Gayo beans by means of distinct cedar notes in both cup and aroma. You'll still find plenty of earthy character in this coffee, as well as notes of dark chocolate, cherry and a smoky sweetness. This brew has a lot going on, it may take an experienced coffee drinker to truly appreciate it. If you fancy yourself an aficionado but haven't tried Lintong coffee, it's probably time that you do so! These beans also make a great cold brew, which is admittedly more accessible to less experience coffee drinkers!

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