Indonesia Sumatra Tiga Raja Coffee

Roasted By: Browny Coffee

Indonesia Sumatra Tiga Raja Coffee Whole Bean

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Who will enjoy Tiga Raja Coffee the most?

  • Those who enjoy a good full bodied brew with plenty of earthy character should try Tiga Raja coffee.
  • If you prefer a low acid coffee, this one has your name written all over it!
  • Anyone looking for rich, easy drinking, never bitter dark roast should check this one out.

Tiga Raja Coffee Profile

Roast:  Dark

Body:  Full, smooth

Taste:  Rich & complex, notes of earth, dark chocolate & citrus

Fragrance:  Strong, earthy

Aroma:  Earthy, chocolate

Sweetness:  Chocolate

Acidity:  Mild

Aftertaste:  Smooth, light

Origin(s):  Indonesia, Sumatra, Tiga Raja

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Single Origin, Fair Trade, Organic

The Background

As one of the top producers of coffee in the world, Indonesia has an immense variety to offer. Coffee beans are grown on a number of different Indonesian islands, each offering a distinct set of growing conditions. Perhaps the most acclaimed of them all, is the island of Sumatra. Tiga Raja coffee beans come from North Sumatra, where they are cultivated in rich volcanic soils. As their reputation in New York continues to develop, Browny Coffee maintains great pride in their work, using organic and fair trade practices.

What makes Indonesia Sumatra Tiga Raja Coffee special?

Sumatran beans are well known to be naturally low in acidity, and Tiga Raja coffee is no exception. This rich and complex profile offers notes of dark chocolate and a healthy amount of earthy character that is typical of Indonesian coffees. You'll also find subtle hints of citrus which serve to intrigue and add to the complexity of this cup. As is the case with most Sumatran beans, Tiga Raja coffee is most likely to be enjoyed by experienced coffee drinkers, as it caters to what is somewhat of an acquired taste. If you're a fan of Indonesian beans and think you've tried it all, give Tiga Raja coffee a try!

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