Italian Espresso Arabica Blend

Roasted By: Illy

Who will enjoy Italian Espresso Arabica Blend the most?

  • Espresso lovers definitely need to check out Illy if they haven't already!
  • Those who prefer a 100% Arabica blend, you'll find no Robusta beans here.
  • Fans of caramel and chocolate oriented taste profiles will enjoy this rich Italian coffee.

Italian Espresso Arabica Blend Profile

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Smooth, creamy

Taste:  Rich, balanced, notes of caramel & chocolate

Fragrance:  Strong, Chocolate

Aroma:  Chocolate, caramel

Sweetness:  Caramel-toned

Acidity:  Low

Aftertaste:  Smooth, slightly sweet

Origin(s):  Brazil, Colombia, India, Africa, Central America

Species:  Arabica 


The Background

Italy is very well known for their espresso coffee. Illy is a stand out roaster that has spent a long time mastering their espresso blend. Using only the best quality Arabica beans from a wide variety of countries, Illy has truly perfected their product. As this coffee is most commonly purchased pre-ground, a special container is used to ensure freshness. The metal tin has an air tight seal and is filled with nitrogen to preserve its contents. Illy has their fine grinding process optimized, but you can still opt for the whole bean option if you prefer to grind yourself!

What makes Italian Espresso Arabica Blend special?

If you have ever been to Italy or tasted authentic Italian espresso, there is no going back. This espresso Arabica blend is comprised of 100% Arabica beans, which can not be said of most espresso blends. As cheaper Robusta beans are not used, Illy is a bit more expensive than some other coffee brands. If you're an espresso enthusiast, it is well worth it! You're in for a treat the moment you break the air tight seal, as the fragrance is spectacular. This coffee is rich, smooth and never bitter. Notes of chocolate and caramel are prominent and make for a seriously tasty shot! Be careful, this one may spoil other espresso shots for you! 

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