Italian Kimbo Espresso Coffee

Roasted By: Kimbo

Who will enjoy Kimbo Espresso Coffee the most?

  • Anyone that requires some serious kick in the morning, Kimbo espresso is STRONG!
  • Those who enjoy a strong, dark chocolate oriented flavor profile.
  • Fans of Italian roasted coffee should definitely check out Kimbo if they haven't already.

Kimbo Espresso Coffee Profile

Roast:  Dark

Body:  Full, thick

Taste:  Rich, notes of dark chocolate & spice

Fragrance:  Intense, chocolate

Aroma:  Strong, chocolate

Sweetness:  Mild

Acidity:  Low

Aftertaste:  Slight chocolate

Origin(s):  Brazil & Central America

Species:  Arabica & Robusta


The Background

The long and rich history of coffee in Italy is very well represented by the blending and roasting traditions of Naples. Kimbo Espresso has been in business for more than 50 years, upholding the prized Neapolitan methods. Kimbo's espresso blend is a combination of darkly roasted Arabica and Robusta beans from Brazil and Central America. As the name implies, this blend designed with espresso in mind.

What makes Italian Kimbo Espresso Coffee special?

Kimbo Espresso is for people that are serious about their espresso! These shots offer a very strong taste and a kick that follows suit. If you need a bit of extra assistance getting things going in the morning, this might just be the solution. It would be hard to argue against the claim that Italians do espresso the best, especially after trying this one! This dark roast brings out strong, deep notes of dark chocolate and spice. The flavor profile translates perfectly into a powerful and tasty shot with a perfect crema. If it's unclear thus far, this is a must try for espresso lovers! 

Do you know someone that might want to try this coffee? Let them know!

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