Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Roasted By: Cubico Coffee

Who will enjoy Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee the most?

  • Coffee connoisseurs seeking the best coffee in the world, this one is often considered to be just that!
  • Those who enjoy a complex cup that balances many aspects in perfect harmony.
  • Any coffee lover would be happy and appreciative to receive Jamaican Blue Mountain beans as a gift.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Heavy, creamy

Taste:  Complex, sweet, nutty tobacco and citrus notes

Fragrance:  Intense, sweet

Aroma:  Intense, nutty

Sweetness:  Nutty

Acidity:  Vibrant, citrus

Aftertaste:  Clean, mellow

Origin(s):  Jamaica, Blue Mountain Region

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Single Origin

The Background

If you're in to coffee, chances are pretty good that you've heard of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. You've probably also heard the title of "best coffee in the world" often attached to it. Right up there with Hawaiian Kona coffee, Jamaican Blue Mountain sits atop most connoisseurs top coffee lists. Considering this reputation, it should come as no surprise that this coffee comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Due to the high demand and asking price, there are many companies out there that sell "Jamaican Blue Mountain" blends. You have to be careful with these, because there are no regulations or minimum requirements that dictate what constitutes a blend. If you want the real deal, go for a certified 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, such as this one. This product comes in a nice little gift box and includes a booklet outlining the history of Cubico Coffee, making for a great gift! This is certainly not an everyday coffee for most people, but serves as a fantastic treat or gift for special occasions.

What makes Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee special?

It goes without saying, that anything that is deemed "the best in the world" has a lot of expectations to meet. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee does indeed live up to these lofty expectations, and it is for this reason that people are consistently willing to pay top dollar for it. What's so good about it? We'll describe it, but you really have to taste it to understand. This coffee is complex, yet balances its many contributing aspects perfectly. This coffee offers a vibrant acidity, yet remains smooth and somehow mellow. Nutty tobacco and citrus tones are intertwined seamlessly. Despite the bright bite and many dimensions to this coffee, it finishes clean and a little bit sweet. Again, you really need to taste this one to understand all of the hype!  

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