Kenya Peaberry Coffee

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Peaberry Coffee Kenya Peaberry Coffee Whole Bean

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Who will enjoy Kenya Peaberry Coffee the most?

  • Fans of fruit oriented profiles; this Kenyan peaberry coffee displays a rich array of fruity notes!
  • Anyone who enjoys Kenyan coffee, but would prefer a lighter alternative; the body is toned down here compared to your average Kenyan cup.
  • Those who like citrus notes will enjoy the tangy acidity and the crisp finish of this cup.  

Kenya Peaberry Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Medium

Taste:  Rich, notes of tropical fruit, black cherry & citrus

Fragrance:  Strong, fruity

Aroma:  Complex, fruity & floral

Sweetness:  Honey-like

Acidity:  Moderate, tangy & citrus-like

Aftertaste:  Crisp 

Origin(s):  Kenya, Central Province, Ndimaini

Species:  Arabica 


The Background

Kenya is home to a wide variety of coffees from a number of distinct regions, all of which provide a signature taste profile. This Kenya peaberry coffee offers a representation of Kenya's Central Province, and does so in a concentrated fashion that can be attributed to the highly dense nature of peaberries. Kenya provides such a variety when it comes to coffee, we truly believe that they have something for everyone. That being said, we also firmly believe that most will enjoy this one!

What makes Kenya Peaberry Coffee special?

A vast array of fruity notes are present in this coffee, making a second cup necessary to appreciate them all. With so many tastes to offer, the concentrated nature of peaberries is more than welcome. A mouthfeel that lighter than a typical Kenyan coffee is experienced. The pleasantly tangy acidity and hints of honey-like sweetness serve to serve to add yet another layer to this never-boring cup. Whether you feel as though you can distinguish and appreciate so many different aspects of a single cup off coffee or not, this Kenya peaberry coffee is simply fantastic. We think both that both experienced and inexperienced palates will love it. 

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