Mexico Chiapas Coffee

Roasted By: Dancing Moon Coffee Company

Mexico Chiapas Coffee Single Origin Chiapas Whole Bean

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Who will enjoy Mexico Chiapas Coffee the most?

  • Fans of nut oriented flavor profiles, this one has a prominent cashew taste.
  • Fans of dark roast coffee will enjoy this rich, never bitter brew.
  • Anyone looking to support a charitable roaster, Dancing Moon helps support wounded U.S. Armed Forces and their families via the Semper Fi Fund!

Mexico Chiapas Coffee Profile

Roast:  Dark

Body:  Syrupy

Taste:  Rich, notes of cashews, cocoa & brown sugar

Fragrance:  Cocoa, nutty

Aroma:  Cocoa, nutty

Sweetness:  Brown sugar

Acidity:  Crisp, citrus

Aftertaste:  Clean & smooth

Origin(s):  Mexico, Chiapas

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Single Origin, Charitable Contributions

The Background

Mexico has been a significant producer of coffee for many years and is home to a number of highly reputed growing regions. Chiapas is perhaps the most well known coffee growing region of Mexico, which sits at the southern end of the country, close to the Guatemalan border. Chiapas coffee is often compared to highly esteemed Guatemalan coffees! Dancing Moon Coffee Company works with a number of small co-ops that grow coffee high in the Sierra Madre mountains via sustainable practices. The altitude, ideal weather, and nutrient rich soils all contribute to the high quality of Chiapas beans. Dancing Moon contributes 5% of their profits to the Semper Fi Fund to assist wounded U.S. Armed Forces and their families! Great company, great coffee!

What makes Mexico Chiapas Coffee special?

Mexico Chiapas coffee is extremely smooth, easy to drink and never becomes bitter. The dark roast profile serves to accentuate the nut notes, while still retaining an overall balanced profile. The nutty taste can be identified specifically as roasted cashews. Hints of brown sugar contribute to a background sweetness, and a crisp, citrus-toned acidity adds a layer of complexity to this cup. This coffee distinguished from many other Mexican coffees in the body department. While a light, even delicate body is fairly typical of Mexican coffees, this one offers more body, with an almost syrupy mouthfeel to it. If you're looking to get into Mexican coffee, we highly recommend Chiapas beans!

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