Mexico Organic Chiapas Coffee

Roasted By: Groundwork

Mexico Organic Chiapas Coffee Whole Bean

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Who will enjoy Mexico Organic Chiapas Coffee the most?

  • Those who tend to prefer a lighter roast should definitely check this organic Chiapas coffee.
  • Fans of naturally sweet coffee will enjoy the cane sugar sweetness here.
  • Anyone that values organic, fair trade, & sustainable practices can take comfort in supporting Groundwork.

Mexico Organic Chiapas Coffee Profile

Roast:  Light

Body:  Delicate

Taste:  Sweet, notes of milk chocolate, almonds & apple

Fragrance:  Chocolate, fruity

Aroma:  Chocolate, fruity

Sweetness:  Cane sugar

Acidity:  Balanced

Aftertaste:  Smooth

Origin(s):  Mexico, Chiapas

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Single Origin, Organic, Fair Trade

The Background

Mexico has been in the coffee game since the 1700s, so at this point, it's safe to say that they know what they're doing. These beans come from the well known coffee growing region of Chiapas, located in the southern portion of Mexico. Groundwork does everything right by implementing organic, fair trade, environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. All of their coffee products are also kosher & non-GMO. They're clearly in the coffee game for the long haul, which is great, because they have some fantastic beans!

What makes Mexico Organic Chiapas Coffee special?

Most Mexican beans are offered as medium or dark roasts, as they retain their flavors quite well even when darkly roasted. Groundwork offers a nice change of pace here with their light roast coffee! Like many Mexican coffees, this one has a light, delicate body and some chocolate and nutty character. Subtle notes of apple distinguish these beans from their more darkly roasted counterparts. A natural sweetness reminiscent of cane sugar, as well as milk chocolate notes make this a seriously tasty cup of coffee. This one is best enjoyed black, in order to appreciate everything that is going on. Even still, you'll probably want a second cup... and a third.

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CBD Oil Kansas City
CBD Oil Kansas City
5 years ago

This coffee tastes totally worth the price!

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