About Us

Here at Try New Coffee, you'll find a collection of in depth profiles for coffees from all over the world. We provide all of the details that an experienced coffee drinker could ask for, and also discuss who we think will enjoy the particular coffee the most. For more on our coffee profiling system, check out Coffee Profiles Explained.

We offer a series of articles that contain groups of related coffee recommendations. We think that this is a great way to talk about a specific type of coffee or origin in detail. If you're a big fan of a particular type of coffee, you may be able to find a similar, but new option to try! If you think we've left out an absolute must-try coffee, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. We're always open to be on the receiving end of coffee recommendations!

We also inform about the roaster of the beans, and give some background information about the reputation of the region that the beans are from. This will help you choose a new coffee that is perfect for you.

With each profile, we aim to say:

We like this coffee, and this is why we think you will too!

About Ratings

Here at Try New Coffee we do not assign numerical ratings to our coffee profiles.

Does this seem strange? Let us explain.

Everyone has their own unique preferences when it comes to the plethora of variables that contribute to each cup of coffee. And while certain coffee is undeniably of a higher quality than others, how can we rate the best coffees relative to one another, when all we have to go by is our own unique palette?

The way we look at it, even by combining the opinion of a large number of people, the collective preference may not represent your preference.

So instead of ranking each coffee on a numerical scale, and saying that “X coffee is better than Y coffee by Z points”, we’ll tell you why we like each coffee, and why we think you might too.

Coffees that would in theory receive a ‘bad rating’ are simply not included in this database.

So browse around a little bit, we’re sure you’ll find something new that sounds worthy. Give it a try, and ‘rate’ it for yourself.

Getting Personal

Hey, my name is Zach Parkes. I am the founder and chief editor of Try New Coffee. That's me with a coffee mug in the picture, isn't that clever of me? No, I am unfortunately not as young as I look, I am however, ever bit as charming. 

All jokes aside, I created this website as a means to provide an in depth look at all sorts of different coffees from across the globe. I handle the technical side of things and collaborate with six other coffee enthusiasts to stay on top of the ever expanding world of available coffees. 

I am passionate about travel, music and of course coffee. To me, there is something special about visiting new places and experiencing new things. Whether or not you share that sentiment, I think it's safe to assume that if you find yourself reading this far down the about page, you probably share my love for coffee. So perhaps you'll also enjoy trying a new coffee.

Travel. See the world. Explore. Meet new people. Drink good coffee. Check an item off of your bucket list. Do something that terrifies you. Drink better coffee. Do what you love to do. Try new things. Live your life exactly as you want to live it. Try New Coffee. It's your life, and it's up to you what you do with it...

But we can help with that last one.

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