Organic Nicaraguan Coffee 

Roasted By: Coffee Bean Direct

Organic Nicaraguan Coffee Whole Bean

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Who will enjoy Organic Nicaraguan Coffee the most?

  • Fans of fruit and earth flavors will love this organic Nicaraguan coffee.
  • Light roast & low acidity lovers, this combination can sometimes be hard to find!
  • Nature lovers, this organic Nicaraguan coffee is shade grown to support the birds and their ecosystem!

Organic Nicaraguan Coffee Profile

Roast:  Light

Body:  Light, smooth

Taste:  Balanced, notes of fruit & earth

Fragrance:  Intense, earthy

Aroma:  Earthy, chocolate

Sweetness:  Moderate, fruity

Acidity:  Light

Aftertaste:  Smooth & clean

Origin(s):  Nicaragua

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Organic, Fair Trade

The Background

Central America has a number of countries that enjoy an ideal climate for the growth of coffee. Nicaragua is one of these countries! These organic Nicaraguan coffee beans are strictly high grown. At a higher altitude, coffee beans develop more slowly. This allows a longer period of time to absorb nutrients, which leads to a more developed flavor profile! Coffee Bean Direct has a strong ethics game, boasting an organic, fair trade and shade grown product! This is a great coffee from a great roaster.

What makes Organic Nicaraguan Coffee special?

Nicaraguan coffees tend to be naturally less acidic than other Central American coffees. This is evidenced by the low acidity here, despite being lightly roasted. An intense, earthy aroma sets the stage for this delicious coffee. The smooth and balanced flavor profile includes notes of fruit and earth. This well rounded cup finishes nice and clean. If you're in the market for a good organic coffee, these Nicaraguan beans are a great option!

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