Panama Boquete Coffee

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Who will enjoy Panama Boquete Coffee the most?

  • Coffee drinkers with a sweet tooth will love this flavor profile which includes notes of fruit, nuts and chocolate.
  • Aspiring black coffee drinkers, Panama Boquete coffee is naturally sweet and easy drinking!
  • Anyone who tends to prefer a lighter roast, MINUS the acidity.

Panama Boquete Coffee Profile

Roast:  Light

Body:  Light, buttery

Taste:  Sweet, notes of fruit, nuts and chocolate

Fragrance:  Intense, sweet, nuts

Aroma:  Sweet, nuts, caramel

Sweetness:  High, caramel-toned

Acidity:  Low

Aftertaste:  Smooth & sweet

Origin(s):  Panama, Boquete

Species:  Arabica 


The Background

Panamanian coffee is some of the best to come out of Central America, and that is saying something! These beans are grown in the highlands of the Boquete region, within the Chiriquí Province of Panama. Growth at a high altitude allows for a slower maturation process and results in a more developed flavor profile. Coffee from Boquete is the most highly regarded of Panama, and for a good reason. If you're in to Central American beans, don't sleep on Panama Boquete coffee!

What makes Panama Boquete Coffee special?

Most Panamanian coffees, and Central American beans in general, have a relatively bright acidity. This coffee, despite being lightly roasted, has minimal acidic content. This flavor profile instead centers around sweetness! As soon as you open the bag, you are greeting with an intensely sweet aroma. Notes of fruit, nuts and caramel can be all be tasted within a light and buttery body. The sweetness sticks around for the aftertaste. Panama Boquete coffee is a great option for anyone that drinks their coffee black! 

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