Peru Cenfrocafe Coffee

Roasted By: Cubico Coffee

Who will enjoy Peru Cenfrocafe Coffee the most?

  • Anyone who enjoy nuts and caramel; these flavor notes are prominent in this coffee!
  • Those who enjoy a nice bright acidity, this one has some lemon-toned bite to it!
  • Fans of Peruvian coffee should be aware of the fine quality beans offered by the Cenfrocafe cooperative.

Peru Cenfrocafe Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Medium

Taste:  Complex, notes of nuts, caramel & herbs

Fragrance:  Strong, citrus

Aroma:  Sweet, citrus

Sweetness:  Toffee-toned

Acidity:  Bright, citrus, lemon

Aftertaste:  Crisp, hint of herbs

Origin(s):  Peru, Cajamarca

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Organic, Single Origin

The Background

Peru sits on the Western side of South America and experiences a climate that is ideal for the growth of coffee. These beans are brought to you by the Cenfrocafe cooperative. Cenfrocafe is committed to sustainable and organic practices, and also provides extended opportunities for numerous Peruvian family farms. These beans come from the northern highland portion of Cajamarca. The elevations and rich soils provided by the Andes mountain range make this region ideal for the growth of coffee. Cubico and Cenfrocafe make a great team, and the resulting quality really shines in these Peruvian beans. 

What makes Honduran Peru Cenfrocafe Coffee special?

Peru is second only to Brazil in terms of South American coffee production. Peruvian coffee is grown in several different regions and can have a variable flavor profile. This coffee balances a large number of aspects to make a nice, complex cup. Notes of caramel, nuts and herbs are balanced with a toffee-toned sweetness. A bright acidity, reminiscent of lemon adds another layer. This is the type of coffee that you'll want to drink multiple cups of to really appreciate everything that is going on. If you're unfamiliar with Peruvian coffee, the Cenfrocafe cooperative offers some fantastic options!

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