Puerto Rican Julian Coffee

Roasted By: Julian Coffee

Who will enjoy Puerto Rican Julian Coffee the most?

  • This smooth, balanced brew is perfect for experienced and casual coffee drinkers alike.
  • If you like your coffee cold, Julian coffee makes for a great cold brew!
  • Anyone who prefers their coffee black, this one needs no additives.

Puerto Rican Julian Coffee Profile

Roast:  Light, Medium

Body:  Smooth

Taste:  Balanced & mild, notes of chocolate

Fragrance:  Strong

Aroma:  Strong, Sweet

Sweetness:  Mild caramel

Acidity:  Restrained

Aftertaste:  Smooth as can be

Origin(s):  Puerto Rico, Adjuntas

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Organic

The Background

Julian Coffee is a Puerto Rican coffee company that was started by Julian Kimmel. Julian Coffee is all about sustainability, eco-friendly and organic practices; Their coffee bags are even biodegradable! These beans are shade grown in the mountainous region of Adjuntas, which is located in the center of Puerto Rico. Adjuntas provides rich volcanic soils and an ideal altitude for coffee growth.

Julian Coffee is working to recreate Puerto Rican coffee as a world wide brand, as it used to be until the early 1900s. Meticulous care is taken throughout the entire production process. Farmers pick only the ripest coffee cherries by hand, and are compensated with fair US wages. Julian Coffee is doing everything right... and their coffee is amazing too!

What makes Puerto Rican Julian Coffee special?

This is the type of brew that could change a non-coffee drinker into a regular consumer. The aroma alone is sure to intrigue casual coffee drinkers enthusiasts alike. With a mild, balanced taste, this coffee is easy drinking, smooth and never bitter. Notes of chocolate, a slight natural sweetness and a restrained acidity all contribute the mild nature of this coffee. These beans also translate very well into cold brew coffee. If you've never tried Puerto Rican coffee, this a great option to get started with!

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