Puerto Rican Yaucono Coffee

Roasted By: Cafe Yaucono

Who will enjoy Puerto Rican Yaucono Coffee the most?

  • Anyone who enjoys a mild, yet complex flavor profile; a number of aspects are wonderfully balanced here!
  • Fans of espresso, these beans make a great shot.
  • Moka Pot users; Cafe Yaucono coffee is delicious and never bitter when brewed in a Moka Pot.

Puerto Rican Yaucono Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Full, creamy

Taste:  Mild, yet complex, notes of cocoa & caramel

Fragrance:  Sweet cocoa

Aroma:  Sweet cocoa

Sweetness:  Cocoa

Acidity:  Low

Aftertaste:  Mild, smooth

Origin(s):  Puerto Rico, Yauco 

Species:  Arabica 


The Background

A century ago Puerto Rico was a large coffee exporter. Today only 1% of the coffee produced in Puerto Rico is exported. The majority of Puerto Rican coffee brands are owned by the Puerto Rican Coffee Roasters (PRCR), which was formed in 2008. One of their most acclaimed brands is Cafe Yaucono coffee. Yaucono coffee gets its name from the region in which it is grown, Yauco. This region benefits from an ideal climate, fertile soils and suitable altitudes for the growth of coffee. Cafe Yaucono has been in the coffee game since 1896, and at this point, their pristine reputation speaks for itself.

What makes Puerto Rican Yaucono Coffee special?

Coffee from Yauco is often compared to Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, which is an immense compliment. This coffee is complex and perfectly balanced. Sweet notes of cocoa and caramel are prominent but do not overwhelm, while the acidity is mild and backgrounded. Cafe Yauco beans are very versatile. Try brewing up some Moka Pot coffee or an espresso shot (or 10)! Even when brewing with these concentrating methods, this coffee is smooth and never bitter. Be careful, these beans could ruin run-of-the-mill coffee for you!

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