Shock Coffee: The Strongest All Natural Coffee

Roasted By: Shock Coffee

Who will enjoy Shock All Natural Coffee the most?

  • Looking to up your caffeine game? This is a great place to start without overdoing it!
  • Fans of both strong coffee and chocolate, this blend contains plenty of natural caffeine as well as flavor.
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    If you haven't enjoyed other highly caffeinated coffees that you've tried, this all natural coffee just might be the one for you!

Shock All Natural Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium-Dark

Body:  Full & smooth

Taste:  Balanced, notes of chocolate

Fragrance:  Aromatic, chocolate, slight fruity 

Aroma:  Slight chocolate

Sweetness:  Mild

Acidity:  Low 

Aftertaste:  Minimal 

Origin(s):  Varied 

Species:  Arabica & Robusta


The Background

Shock Coffee is all about finding the perfect taste to caffeine ratio. They use both Arabica and Robusta beans to whip up a blend that doesn't compromise flavor or strength. No additives are needed in this all natural coffee, an excellent taste and some serious kick IS. Shock is very transparent about their values; providing you with a coffee that has a high natural caffeine content. There are some companies out there that spray their beans with extra caffeine, Shock Coffee is NOT one of them. If your coffee isn't quite providing you with the energy that you need, give this one a try! We'd be shocked (sorry) if this didn't solve your problem.

What makes Shock All Natural Coffee special?

Shock Coffee was one of the original strong coffee roasters to be market their product as the strongest. This brand has truly stood the test of time. While it may not currently retain the title for highest caffeine concentration, it certainly packs a worthy kick. What sets Shock Coffee apart today, is its ability to bridge the gap between regular coffee, and hyper-caffeinated products that value caffeine above all else. The focus on balance shines through above all. Notes of chocolate and a perfect amount of punch are packaged together in this pleasant pick me up. 

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