Southern Weather Coffee Blend

Roasted By: Onyx Coffee Lab

Black Coffee Southern Weather Coffee Blend Whole Bean

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Who will enjoy Southern Weather Coffee Blend the most?

  • Black coffee drinkers will love this naturally sweet coffee with notes of fruit, walnut and milk chocolate.
  • Those who enjoy a bright acidity, this one has a zesty bite!
  • Anyone that enjoys the balanced offered by a good coffee blend; 3 great countries are represented here.

Southern Weather Coffee Blend Profile

Roast:  Medium

Body:  Full

Taste:  Sweet, notes of fruit, walnut and milk chocolate

Fragrance:  Sweet, fruity

Aroma:  Sweet, fruity, caramel

Sweetness:  High, caramel & sugar

Acidity:  Bright, citric

Aftertaste:  Bright, citrus

Origin(s):  Colombia, Guatemala & Ethiopia

Species:  Arabica 

Cert(s):  Organic, Fair Trade

The Background

This delicious coffee blend is created by combining beans from Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia. Each of these countries is highly regarded for their coffee, and each brings something different to the table! Colombia contributes the sweetness, as well as the nut and chocolate notes. Guatemala contributes the bright, citric acidity. Ethiopia adds some depth and fruity notes. This is a truly stand out coffee blend that balances the best characteristics of three famous coffee producing countries. This is consistently one of Onyx Coffee Lab's best sellers, and for a good reason!

What makes Southern Weather Coffee Blend special?

This coffee blend is sweet and easy drinking. It actually used to be called Sugar Skull! We're not sure why the name was changed, but we know that the coffee remains as delicious as ever! This coffee manages to a balance a large number of aspects in expert fashion. A caramelized sugar taste, notes of citrus fruits as well as plum, nuts and milk chocolate are all well represented here! A bright and zesty acidity provides a nice, fresh bite. Notes of citrus fruits can be tasted in the finish. The is one seriously tasty coffee that can be enjoyed black, whether you're used to using additives or not!

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