Valhalla Java Odinforce Coffee Blend

Roasted By: Death Wish Coffee Co.

Who will enjoy Valhalla Java Odinforce Coffee the most?

  • Anyone looking for both high caffeine content AND flavor; here you'll find chocolate, walnut, and the kick that we all so desperately need.
  • Heard the Death Wish hype but not a fan of their "World's Strongest"? This might be more your speed.
  • Mathematicians studying the enigmatic equation: Odin + Zak Wylde + Coffee = X. (If this makes absolutely no sense, please refer to the background section below!)

Valhalla Java Odinforce Coffee Profile

Roast:  Medium-Dark

Body:  Full & smooth

Taste:  Balanced, notes of chocolate & walnut

Fragrance:  Complex, nutty

Aroma:  Chocolate, nutty

Sweetness:  Moderate

Acidity:  Low

Aftertaste:  Smooth, long lasting

Origin(s):  Varied: Indonesia, Central & South America

Species:  Arabica & Robusta

Cert(s):  USDA Organic, Fair Trade

The Background

This coffee is brought to you by by Death Wish Coffee Co., best know for their "World's Strongest Coffee". Valhalla Java deviates from their cornerstone product and offers a more pronounced taste profile. Staying true to the Death Wish brand, this coffee has a high caffeine content. This is fairly clearly indicated by the "Odinforce" reference to the Norse God Odin. Valhalla Java was apparently created for Zakk Wylde, (guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, has signature "Odin" guitars... also looks like Norse God Odin). Go ahead, take a look at Odin and Zakk Wylde and tell us that you question the strength of this coffee. It's also worth mentioning that Valhalla Java coffee is both organic and fair trade!

What makes Valhalla Java Odinforce Coffee special?

Valhalla coffee differs enough from Death Wish's signature product to be a separate entity in the high caffeine content game. There is a small exchange of some of the maximal strength boasted by Strongest for a vastly different flavor and added sweetness. The result is a more balanced taste that showcases notes of chocolate and walnuts. The reduced caffeine content of Odinforce coffee allows you to drink even more without exploding from too much caffeine.  If you've heard the Death Wish hype but Strongest just doesn't quite click with you, give this Zakk Wylde coffee... I mean Odinforce coffee a try, it might just be what you are looking for!

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