Vietnam Robusta Peaberry Coffee

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Robusta Coffee Beans Vietnam Robusta Peaberry Coffee Whole Bean

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Who will enjoy Vietnam Robusta Peaberry Coffee the most?

  • Fans of strong and heavy coffee; the taste and body here will not disappoint.
  • Those with back palate preference, this one is rich, bittersweet and low in acid.
  • Caffeine enthusiasts; Vietnam Robusta beans are much higher in caffeine than Arabica beans.

Vietnam Robusta Peaberry Profile

Roast:  Medium-Dark

Body:  Thick, heavy

Taste:  Rich & dark, notes of nuts & chocolate 

Fragrance:  Strong, chocolate

Aroma:  Chocolate, nuts

Sweetness:  Bittersweet, dark chocolate

Acidity:  Low

Aftertaste:  Smooth, barely bitter

Origin(s):  Vietnam, Dalat

Species:  Robusta


The Background

Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world, and produces mostly Robusta beans. Robusta coffee beans are typically grown at lower altitudes than their Arabica counterparts. These Robusta beans, however, come from the highlands of Dalat. The flavor profile benefits both from the elevation and the rich soils of the highlands. These Vietnamese Robusta beans have a significantly higher caffeine content as compared to Arabica beans. It is common to experience Robusta beans as part of a blend, but these peaberry beans hold up quite well on their own. 

What makes Vietnam Robusta Peaberry Coffee special?

When it comes to Arabica vs. Robusta beans, it is fairly common to have a preference that leans either one way or the other. Arabica beans are more widely consumed, and are enjoyed for their flavorful and bright profiles. People that prefer Arabica beans are considered to have a front palate preference, as the best qualities of Arabica beans are tasted at the front of the mouth and tongue. These Vietnam Robusta beans are for the back palate crowd, exhibiting a heavy and dark profile that is is experienced further back in the mouth. These high grown Robusta beans showcase a dark flavor with notes of nut and chocolate that is more developed than your average Robusta. If you are a back palate person, or suspect that you might be, you'll probably really enjoy this one! 

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